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    ultimate value; love your mobile,
    your tablet and your laptop, the fone doctors way… .
    is the LifeBlood of your business; 
    see how we can help thing flow smoothly…
  • No-one likes to be tied down; 
    see what we’re doing to free you…
  • Free cover with repairs
    when you bring us Jaffa Cakes!
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    Liquid Damage
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    Broken Screens
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    Network Signal Problems

About fone doctors

Here at Fone Doctors, we know how it exactly feels when something is wrong with your gadget. To repair your device and make it functional again is what we love to do. We actually exist to fix.There are actually some factors that make us stand out.


Our latest news and announcements

Microsoft has recently introduced a new feature christened ‘Continuum’ for Windows 10 based smart phones
Iѕ уоur data secure? Thіnk again. Securing data іѕ lіkеlу thе biggest challenge еvеrуоnе соuld bе facing 
All repaired phones are covered by a six month warranty for the treated fault. Should the same fault