Data Recovery

Remember Photo Albums? Those awesome family moments flicking through creaking pages and looking back at embarrassing old memories of misspent childhoods. Strange how we don't seem to do that as often any more.
But when you consider how mobiles have changed our lives with many thousands of photos stored in our phones, aside from threatening album manufacturers, you start to realise how vulnerable all those memories are.
It's not just photo's that we store on our phone. As we become more and more dependent on our devices, our Contacts, Texts Messages, Notes, WhatsApp data etc. hold a vast treasure trove of vital information that we can't do without. And when those same phones are used for business. That data becomes even more critical.
Yet despite this, every day, we come across patients whose first question is: "will I lose data with this repair? I don't have a back-up?" Now of course, we take our utmost care with devices and our hardware repairs have no data impact. But we're still left surprised at how many people don't back-up. There are so many good options, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud and several others, yet you'd be surprised at how many data recovery requests we get. Nonetheless, even when the worst happens, we have options to help. So, if you've accidentally erased something, or have a device which is broken and the data is no longer accessible or even if you need something verified for a legal matter, let us know the circumstances and we'll have a range of tools at our disposal to try and get your data recovered. We've got extensive expertise in recovering:

Call logs
Smartphone Application Data
MMS & SMS records
Data Recovery & Migration
Web Browser Logs
Sound Recordings

We can recover data from all kinds of data loss circumstances like hardware failures in a phone, software updates that delete text messages, videos, photos and other data, water damaged phones, corrupt operating systems, physically damaged phones and locked phones due to password problems. Naturally, for business devices, we understand that data on devices can be of a more sensitive nature and where requested, we're happy to sign a company non-disclosure agreement. And with competitive rates based on the amount of data to be recovered, we've put an extortionate price on your memories or important data. For more information, please email or call 020 7403 9111